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AP Interview: Chechen hails Polish court decision

A Chechen separatist leader wanted in Russia on terrorism charges said Saturday his release from temporary arrest in Poland means that another European country rejects the Russian allegations he calls "absurd."

Akhmed Zakayev told The Associated Press that the Polish court’s decision on Friday to release him "showed once again that the position of people in Europe concerning Russia’s approach to Zakayev has not changed, that they stand by the law."

AP Interview: Chechen hails Polish court decision


Danish police say mystery bomber is from Chechnya | World | Reuters

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) – Danish police said on Wednesday that a man who set off a small blast at a Copenhagen hotel five days ago, injuring only himself, is a 24-year-old ethnic Chechen who lives in Belgium.

The man, who the Copenhagen police identified as Lors Doukaev, was detained on Friday in a park after the blast in a toilet at the Hotel Jorgensen and remains in custody.

Danish police say mystery bomber is from Chechnya | World | Reuters


Talking about ‘MTS launches services in Chechnya’

Sep 22, 2010 (DMEUROPE via COMTEX) — Russian mobile operator MTS has launched its services in Chechnya republic. The operator will provide GSM and 3G services there. The network currently covers Grozny and the surrounding areas, with Edge wireless internet accessible across the whole coverage area and 3G in the downtown area of Grozny. The operator plans to quadruple the number of base stations in Chechnya by the end of the year. MTS has opened a retail outlet in Grozniy, and the dealer network exceeds 400 outlets in the region. The operator will open two new outlets by the end of the year there and plans to double the number of dealers.

‘MTS launches services in Chechnya’

War on Terror: North Caucasus Federal District


Ivan Sukhov, Vremia Novostei Correspondent, specially for Agentura.Ru

In the seven months of its existence, the North Caucasus Federal District (created by Dmitry Medvedev on January 19, 2010) the “siloviki” carried out a series of operations to take out the leaders of the Caucasus Emirate. Said Buriatsky, who had quite a youth following, was killed, as was Anzor Astemirov, who organized the 2005 Nalchik attack, and Magomedali Vagabov, the leader of the Daghestani militants. The Amir of Ingushetia, Magas, seen as the brain behind the 2004 Beslan school attack, was taken alive.

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Suicide Terror: Understanding and Confronting the Threat


Based on U.S. and Israeli experiences and detailed interviews with frontline personnel, Suicide Terror enables policymakers, first responders, and students of homeland security to understand and deal with the growing threat of suicide terror. It analyzes recent suicide attacks as well as our current vulnerabilities and high-risk scenarios for future attacks. Following the expert authors’ advice, readers learn possible measures to prevent an attack. Moreover, they learn how to prepare for and implement an effective and quick response to minimize casualties and losses in the event of an attack.

Following an overview and historical review of suicide terror, the book covers:

  • Global jihad
  • Israel’s confrontation with suicide terrorism
  • America’s experience with suicide bombings
  • Internationalization of suicide terrorism
  • High-risk scenarios and future trends
  • Methods for confronting suicide terror
  • Medical management of suicide terrorism

Using eyewitness accounts, the text re-creates the look and feel of actual terrorism incidents. Detailed case studies help readers get into the minds of suicide terrorists in order to understand how to best prevent and confront these very dangerous threats.

This book is a definitive study of suicide terror, synthesizing the experience of well-known Israeli and American experts who have dealt with it firsthand. Anyone responsible for understanding, preventing, and confronting this devastating threat should read this book and consider its recommendations with all seriousness.

Suicide Terror: Understanding and Confronting the Threat

The Faces of Terrorism: Multidisciplinary Perspectives

An international, multi-disciplinary team explores the many different facets of terrorism, investigating what it means to be a terrorist and what terrorism means for society.

  • Gets closer to the perspectives of terrorists – their views, how their acts are conceptualized by the public and by national leaders, and how this knowledge can be put to use
  • Brings together international experts from psychology, psychiatry, law and policing
  • Edited by one of the world’s foremost forensic psychology experts, David Canter

The Faces of Terrorism: Multidisciplinary Perspectives

Russians mourn bombing victims; 10 others killed

Associated Press
updated 9/10/2010 4:59:04 PM ET

VLADIKAVKAZ, Russia — Clashes between police and alleged militants left 10 more people dead Friday in Russia’s volatile North Caucasus, even as stunned residents laid flowers in a square where a suicide car bombing killed 17 people and wounded more than 140 a day earlier.

The bombing on Thursday near the central market of Vladikavkaz, the capital of the North Ossetia republic, was the most serious attack in Russia since the March subway bombings in Moscow that killed 40 people.

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