There’s no way to win over radical Islamists in recent decades, the Russian scientist believes

Moscow, September 29, Interfax – Renowned islamologist Alexey Malashenko
believes it is not possible to overcome radicalism that was long considered “a
disease of Islam” in recent decades.

“Fight against Islamists is lost. At least, it is not won. It is evident that
it is just impossible to achieve success here. Neither America, nor Russia, nor
Europe accepts defeat. Taliban militants, Hamas, the Iranian President feel
themselves winners,” Malashenko said in his article published on Wednesday in
the Nezavisimaya Gazeta.

The islamologist believes that radicals and extremists in some cases achieve
concrete political victories, and in other cases they prove their ability to
continue the fight which is also success.

“There’s no general strategy of fighting against radical Islam and it is not
envisaged. Nothing moves further than certain coordination of special services
efforts. There is no political decision either,” he said.

The expert is sure that the Hamas, the Taliban, the Iranian regime, numerous
international Islamist organizations make “elements of new world order” where
Islamists will be legitimate and according to him, “we should not expect that
they will leave the political stage.”

Islamologist considers further interaction “rather difficult” as it suggests
“further contacts, specific negotiations process which means refusing customary
stereotype of an enemy.”

There is another difficulty: no matter how their relations with opponents
and competitors develop, Islamists consider themselves winners. Ahmadinejad, the
Hamas, the Caucasus Emirate, moreover the Talibes will never admit they are
defeated as they fulfill the will of the Almighty. Thus West and Russia will
always have to deal with the winners,” Malashenko said.



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